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About the evaluator

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with an extensive number of years in the social worker field, I have always been called to addressing social justices and inequities. Amongst under deserved communities and subsets of individuals.  When the opportunity presented itself to utilize my clinical expertise in conducting Trauma Informed Mental Health Evaluations/Biopsychosocial and Assessments for immigrants, I knew I would be proficiently prepared. In my private practice, I specialize in working with clients who have experienced various Traumatic experiences, Intimate Partner Violence, PTSD, Mood and Adjustment Disorders that effect their impairment in their everyday lives. I specialize in seeing beyond the presentation of each person I work with.  

The Culture of Health is dedicated to confidentiality, support, empathy, safety, humanity, and cultural humility as it relates to the overall wellbeing of each client served.

The goal for each client I work with is to provide a supportive, compassionate environment that focuses on listening and encompassing their experience. My primary hope is that each client feels a sense of emotional release, while continuing to live their life in the United States without worry, fear or shame. 

Types of Psychological Immigration Evaluations Offered

  • Extreme Hardship Waiver & Cancellation of Removal

  • VAWA(Violence Against Women Act)T-Visa/U-VisaAsylum

  • Naturalization Exam Waiver/ N-648

Frequency Asked Questions

  • What is an immigration evaluation? An immigration evaluation is a clinical document a licensed mental health professional (LCSW, LPC, PHD.) provides. The forensic mental health evaluation supports the specific details of the immigration case. The client's attorney petitions  on behalf of clients.

  • What does the evaluation consist of? The evaluation will include an extensive biopsychosocial report including(education, medical, mental health, family history, education, etc) and stressors identified that contribute to the immigration petition. Each will also include a mental health evaluation, clinical interview(2 hrs.max.), psychological testing/assessments along with other relevant details to substantiate the client's experience. 

  • What if I don't speak english? I will provide access to a professional translation service to utilize the entire time. 

  • Are evaluations done in person? No, all evaluations are held electronically via a HIPPA compliant system, Doxy/Zoom. 


  • What are the prices per evaluation? Each report is $1,500.00. Client's/Attorney's will be responsible for the fee in full at the time of the evaluation. 

  • How long is the report? The reports vary with each client. Typically, the page range is in between 7-10 pages. Report turnaround time is 7-10 days. (Expedited reports can be provided for an additional fee.) 

  • How do I pay for the evaluation: The Culture of Health accepts credit card/debit card payments in addition to Zelle( 

Work with Shajuan Alexander, An expert in Mental Health Evaluations today!

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