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Hello There,
Let me first say thank you so much for visiting my website, I am happy you are here and taking your time out to consider therapy in itself. I am Shajuan Alexander, A Psychotherapist who offers virtual therapy services to Gen Z and Milennial Women, who struggle with Perfectionism, Anxiety, Depression and Navigating Life Transitions in the state of Texas and Missouri. My client identify themselves as over-thinkers(anxiety) or overachievers( imposter syndrome). My client struggle with loneliness, isolation, constant worry about their future,  and desire to have a meaningful life where their thoughts are not in control of their emotions. My clients are my kind of people! 

A little about me- I am a Millennial,  Black woman who is a wife, mother, social advocate, naturalista and self-care enthusiast. Authenticity/Vulnerability/Integrity are some of the top core values of who I am as a woman and professional. Helping people be human, acknowledging their emotions, creating firm boundaries and healthy relationships are some topics that are important to me and that I choose to highlight throughout my practice. I am a firm believer that in order for a person to be whole, there has to be a foundation of self awareness  that can be gained throughout of upbringings or our experiences from difference individuals that we encounter. When clients experience me, I want to leave the impression that mental wellness is achievable. 
Why The Culture of Health, it's simple! I intend for attending therapy to be a priority included in our life journey. It should be the norm to have a space to learn and grow mentally as we encounter various stages and tranisitons in life. The culture is of mental well-being is a journey that incorporates two large aspects of a human beings personal makeup: Emotional and Physical. We are what we think. What we do, what we digest, what are habuts are do determine the outcome of the way our brains work. 

My approach in therapy is to utilize the passion I have to work alongside my clients to help them reach each goal they setfor themselves. I consider myself a pillar of support, whose goal is to provide a catered safe space that can be seen as the calmness through the chaos. I want my clients to leave therapy sessions feeling lighter, feeling heard, feeling validated. 

While in therapy, I value collaboration and conversation style sessions. I offer to you an empathetic yet enthusiastic encouragement throughout sessions. I represent authenticity the same as my clients, with flaws, imperfect, vulnerable and still in a place of actively learning through every experience that we share. While I love clients that I can relate to, I love to learn about people and perspectives that I am unfamiliar with as I believe that even as the professional, I can still learn from each of the people that enter my life as well. I value honest and open communication and the best rule of all, a release of the "perfectionist" title that sometimes we are not even aware that we carry around with us.  Let's let go of expectations together, unpack together and learn some of the best tools that will help us throughout the future together. 
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