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This is our time to spend our 50 min. session on 100% YOU. 
Think about it, when is the last time that time was dedicated to what you needed. Imagine a safe space where you can curse, cry, yell, be silent, repeat yourself, break down as many times as you need to while your process your emotions. You have full permission to be who you truly are and to let your guards down while we work through what has you feeling that way at the time. 
Sometimes our emotions are tied to traumatic experiences, other times they are ties to sudden changes. It is my job to provide you with the tools to understand how to manage your emotions during either encounter. 
You may enter sessions full of emotions that you once believed were the biggest barrier in your life. However, if you allow yourself to be vulnerable and tell the truth while prioritizing you, you will notice the difference in your thought process and behaviors as we continue to work together.
Therapy Modalities Utilized : Cognitive Behavioral Theory
Solution Focused Brief Therapy
Reality Based Therapy
Strength Based Perspective 
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