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This is our time to spend our 75 min. session on 100% YOU & YOUR PARTNER.

Please note that The Culture of Health, PPLC does not discriminate clients based of race/ethnicity/sexual identity/orientation.

Couples sessions include the same image a safe space that individual sessions provide. During these shared sessions both you and your partner are trusting me to mediate those tough conversations regarding your relationship status as conflicts will arise. It is an opportunity where two people are able to actively listen and reflect what is being heard in a healthy manner. These sessions allow for unbias feedback, exploring patterns and triggers. You both have full permission to show up authentically for each other and utilize my support/perspectives as needed.  

Sometimes our relationship issues are caused by the way we individually view/experience relationships, failed expectations and even actions that break trust needed to maintain a relationship. Couples sessions are challenging, as your partner is holding a mirror up to you and sharing their experiences, but if we are able to listen fir understanding every session will be worth it.  

Price: $165.00 p/couple

Therapy Modalities Utilized : Cognitive Behavioral Theory
Reality Based Therapy
Gestalt Therapy
Narrative Therapy
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